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Work for Zetkin Foundation

We are always looking to grow our team of people that believe in the Zetkin project and want to contribute.

Zetkin is a web based platform for organizing activism using tools that make participation easier and simplify common tasks in activist organizations.

Zetkin Foundation is a part of Vänsterpartiet Malmö, in charge of developing Zetkin and spreading successful organizing methods throughout the international left.

Most of the people doing work in Zetkin Foundation are volunteers, but there is also a core team of part-time designers and developers, and over the next few years we want to grow that team.


Are you a mobile developer?

One of our products is a mobile app developed using Flutter, and we think that someone with mobile expertise could help us take the next step in improving that product. Please reach out of you have experience developing mobile applications and are familiar with or willing to learn Flutter.

Are you a senior web developer?

Our development team has grown a lot in the past two years and we would like to add one more senior developer. As a senior developer at Zetkin Foundation, you will need to be (or become) comfortable with at least some of the following:

It’s also great if you have experience pair programming and mentoring more junior developers, and if you are comfortable improving processes whenever possible, or stepping in when process is less than ideal.

Let’s define the role together

In the end, what we need more than anything is someone who’s dedicated. Whether you are a junior fresh out of school, a capable hobbyist or an experienced senior, we’re interested in hearing from you. It’s not important whether your primary skills are design, front-end or back-end development, mobile or web.

For us the most important thing is to find people who shares our progressive ideas and can learn what’s necessary. We can define the role together based on some common principles:

Please get in touch if you want to contribute to empowering progressive organizations. Send us an e-mail at

Contribute some other way?

If the listings above are a bad fit, but you still want to contribute to Zetkin, please let us know! There is always room for more volunteers, regardless of what your skills and preferences are. If you have a brand new idea, let us know! Get in touch at