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Connect your organization to Zetkin

If your organization is working towards the same goals as Zetkin Foundation we want to help you develop your activism.

Organize activism

Zetkin is a tool to help you improve your organization’s activism. Zetkin’s promise is to make participation simple and improve the efficiency of common organizer tasks.

Doing it together

The development of Zetkin is funded by donations and by subscription fees paid by connected organizations. As more of us discover and start using Zetkin, costs and prices go down.

Who can use Zetkin?

Zetkin Foundation’s mission is to work towards radical change of society in a socialist, feminist, antiracist and sustainabile direction. To be able to use Zetkin, your organization’s work must be compatible with this goal. If you are unsure, please contact us!

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Contribute to Zetkin

Zetkin is developed in large part by volunteers. You can donate time or money to help contribute to the development of Zetkin.

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