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Make participation simple

Zetkin is the activist's best friend. Zetkin opens up doors and lowers thresholds. Prepare to meet activists you never knew were out there.

Zetkin is all about making particiption simple. There are people out there who are ready to work for your organization, who are on fire, but just haven’t taken that final step yet. Zetkin’s aim is to open that door.

Easier for newcomers

When you’re new to an organization, all thresholds are extra high. Coming to a meeting or visiting the local office can be intimidating. With Zetkin, people who were never before active can approach the organization on their own terms.

Participation in three simple steps

Participating in on-the-ground campaigning is done in three steps with Zetkin.

  1. Sign up. The activist signs up on their own terms online.
  2. Organize. An official organizes the day and sends out reminders.
  3. Show up. The activist only has to show up where the action takes place.

Make life easier for your cadre

For those of your activists who are the most active, Zetkin is a life saver. The activist portal and My Page helps keep track of bookings and assignments so there’s no need to try and keep it all in your head.

Connect your organization

If your organization is working towards the same goal as Zetkin Foundation we want to help you organize activism more efficiently.

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There were people ready to go out into the streets for our party.

Daniel Sestrajcic, Vänsterpartiet Malmö, about the historic election in 2014 when they organized over 400 activists.

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Know your activists.
Every single one.

Surveys, smart searches, labels. Zetkin revolves around the activist, just like your organization does. You get to know each and every individual and never lose anyone.

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Plan smarter.

Plan your campaign ground game smarter with Zetkin. Keep track of the distribution in the city and over time, so that you meet the right people at the right time.

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Call efficiently.
Reach wider.

Zetkin takes systematic calling to a whole new level. Use the call assignment feature to set up advanced rulesets about whom to call. Or get started in minutes with templates.

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