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Get to know every activist using Zetkin

People are your organization's most important resource. Zetkin understands and revolves around that insight. Get to know every activist and never leave anyone hanging.

You can safely store your entire register in Zetkin, or just the information you need to organize a subset of your member base using Zetkin. Keep the database organized using a number of smart tools.

Import your database

If you want to transfer people to Zetkin you can use our powerful importer. Transfer just the data you need from any Excel file. You can even tag people as they are imported based on data in your file.

Stay organized using tags

If the people of your organization belong to separate groups, have different interests or focus on separate issues, you can easily tag them. You can create any number of tags, which then help you search for people, e.g. when creating call assignment segments.

Get to know your activists with surveys

Using Zetkin’s survey tool you can let your people share their interests and ideas. That way you get to know every activist. You don’t have to keep it all in your head. Zetkin lets you search for people, group them and keep them organized based on any response to any question of any survey.

Smart searches

Using Zetkin’s smart searches, you can create complex filters that are updated automatically when the content of Zetkin changes. You can search based on almost anything, like campaign participation and experience, survey responses or whether someone was reached during a phone bank.

By concatenating filters together, here are some searches you could have running constantly.

Connect your organization

If your organization is working towards the same goal as Zetkin Foundation we want to help you organize activism more efficiently.

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It was only once we started phone banking that it took off.

Emma-Lina Johansson, Vänsterpartiet Malmö, about how they carried out their big member survey using Zetkin.

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Make participation simpler for all.

Becoming politically active should be simple. With Zetkin, activists can sign up to actions and events. An e-mail on the day before makes sure no one forgets.

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Call efficiently.
Reach wider.

Zetkin takes systematic calling to a whole new level. Use the call assignment feature to set up advanced rulesets about whom to call. Or get started in minutes with templates.

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Plan smarter.

Plan your campaign ground game smarter with Zetkin. Keep track of the distribution in the city and over time, so that you meet the right people at the right time.

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