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Reach further with phone banking

Calling members, voters or others systematically is the key to efficient reachout. Using Zetkin's powerful phone banking tool you can do all those things.

Every experienced organizer knows the importance of the phone to reach out and activate people in large numbers. There are people out there who want to participate, but aren’t motivated enough to take the step on their own.

Share the work, stay in control

With Zetkin any number of activists can share the work of phone banking. You, the organizer, create call assignments and assign callers. The callers only have to sign in and get going.

As an organizer you can prioritize target groups to different callers based on tags, e.g. if you want a specific caller to primarily talk to people with the same mother language. Zetkin makes sure no one falls between the cracks.

Mobilize, inform, recruit

Who you call and how best to call them varies. Calling to mobilize, inform or recruit are completely different beasts. Using Zetkin’s call assignment feature you can do it all, and stay completely in control of the rules that dictate how Zetkin selects targets.

Are you calling to sign people up for campaign work? Set up the assignment such that Zetkin automatically stops selecting people to be called once they’ve been signed up. A few days after they’ve participated, they can be automatically reselected. Call back, ask how it went and if they would like to do it again.

Are you collecting responses to a survey? Zetkin can automatically deselect those who submit a response, regardless of whether they do it over the phone or on their own. Call everyone at most once a week, no more than three times total to remind them, or shape the assignment any other way you prefer it.

Get started quickly

If you want, you are completely in control of call assignments. If you just want to get started Zetkin has built-in templates for common assignment types. If you want to mobilize for a campaign, spread information about something, collect survey responses or periodically stay in touch you will be up and running in minutes.

Connect your organization

If your organization is working towards the same goal as Zetkin Foundation we want to help you organize activism more efficiently.

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It was only once we started phone banking that it took off.

Emma-Lina Johansson, Vänsterpartiet Malmö, about how they carried out their big member survey using Zetkin.

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Plan smarter.

Plan your campaign ground game smarter with Zetkin. Keep track of the distribution in the city and over time, so that you meet the right people at the right time.

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Know your activists.
Every single one.

Surveys, smart searches, labels. Zetkin revolves around the activist, just like your organization does. You get to know each and every individual and never lose anyone.

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Make participation simpler for all.

Becoming politically active should be simple. With Zetkin, activists can sign up to actions and events. An e-mail on the day before makes sure no one forgets.

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